8 Cool Belize Souvenirs To Take Home

8 Cool Belize Souvenirs To Take Home

Belize Souvenirs – 9 Gifts You Should Buy To Take Home!

Despite having all the photos, videos and stories you bring back home after a not-long-enough vacation the memories might still feel a little empty… Sure you can look at the photos but they don’t have that tangible aspect, that kept in fresh air smell or that “look at this cool thing” feel to them, even when printed there’s not very much at all to “feel”.

If you want a solid piece of Belize to take back home, but didn’t know where to start let us help, check out these cool souvenirs from Belize!

Belikin Memorabilia


The Belikin company is responsible for producing all the beer made in Belize, including Lighthouse Lager and Guinness Stout. Since it’s frowned upon to try to smuggle beer into other countries Belikin makes it easy to share your love for their products with a line of very cool, high-quality merchandise! From your regulation openers to their very cool mugs and tankards the Belikin crew though of it all, and only available in Belize.

Bumper stickers

Sure, your Instagram posts will give your followers vacation envy but bumper stickers really take it a step up. Anywhere you drive someone will see your bumper and wonder where Belize is, only to be struck by jealousy as they stare at google search results!



Anyone who’s watched Pirates of the Caribbean will tell you, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the rum in this part of the world is top notch! Not to be outdone by any of our island counterparts, Belize produces her own rum, and quite a variety as well, ranging from white cane rum to dark aged rum, and even coconut rum. The cool thing about our bottles of distilled merriment is that these you can take back with you to enjoy a fun taste of Belize from back home!

Belizeit! tee-shirts


All those clever phrases you hear “Belizein’ it”, “UnBelizable”, “Belizeit!” are also cleverly available on practically any type of garment you can imagine. You can opt for a Tee-shirt, tank top, even a towel with your favorite Belizean inscription printed on it. Cool huh?



Everyone fanfares Colombian coffee, and while we have no intention of undermining that fame (seriously, they do make great coffee) we must give credit to our coffee entrepreneurs here at home. Organic artisan style coffee is a relatively new industry in Belize, and it certainly hit the ground running! Available in most any store, Belizean grown coffee is sure to give you a warm Caribbean good morning boost.

Sporty bottle cozy’s

Bottle and can cozy sleeves are stylish fabric covers that save your hands from the ice cold chill of holding your favorite beverages as you enjoy them. Here in Belize, they have taken on a whole new dimension of utility keeping your warm hands, and Sun off the temperature sensitive surface of your drink container. They’re almost essential for the on-the-go traveler or those who just want to lounge by the pool.

Conch Shell Jewelry


For anyone who has stared at a conch shell’s coral pink inner spiral and thought “how beautiful” then you’ll absolutely love the jewelry that locals hand-craft out of these shells. The conch season in Belize open from October to mid-June, or until the country quota of one million pounds is reached. On offseason, refrain from buying conch from anyone trying to sell it, but do feel free to pick up a decorative piece to take back with you!



Local artisans have grown quite clever with the materials they use to make art, palm husks, coconuts, anything that can be carved will be carved. Amazingly, it’s rare to see a similar work twice, many of these artists put a lot of love into their pieces, polish them to perfection and of course they remember to carve in a little “Belize” somewhere on it!

Hand-made accessories

The variety here is truly neverending, it’s difficult to name the category anything other than “accessories” because there are so many new nick-nacks that pop up every day. Some fine examples would be hand woven tote bags and hammocks, pens with woven sleeves around them, Belize flag towels… anything you can imagine wanting is probably in a gift shop somewhere with our country’s name on it, each a unique little reminded of a great vacation!

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