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Welcome to the Unique Hotels of Belize

The Unique Hotels of Belize logo is more than just a symbol of quality. It is your assurance that you are staying in one of the finest resorts Belize has to offer.

Unique Hotels of Belize began with a concept and a commitment: to bring Belize’s most highly regarded resorts together in one exclusive collection in order to give travellers confidence that, wherever they were in Belize, they would enjoy luxurious accommodations with consistently high levels of quality and service.

From inland rainforests to the Caribbean coast and Belize Barrier Reef, our members are renowned for providing the very best in lodgings and amenities; offering luxurious relaxation and exquisite dining while showcasing Belize’s stunning landscapes and cultures with exciting activities and informative tours and expeditions.

Featuring Belize’s very best spas and spa services, wholesome activities and cuisine, UHB member resorts are committed to providing stays that are as healthy as they are enjoyable.

Belize’s increasingly sophisticated dining culture is attracting global attention, and UHB members have been in the forefront of this evolution. Making the most of fresh tropical fruits, vegetables and seafood from pristine Caribbean waters, our chefs have taken local cuisine to new levels. Regional Maya, Mestizo, Creole and African-based Garifuna cuisine share a rich culinary heritage to which European, North and South American, and Caribbean influences are added; resulting in a cuisine that’s as extraordinary as Belize itself.



With distinctive styles that complement their individual locations, UHB resorts reflect the harmonious diversity that makes Belize such an exciting travel experience. From a casually luxurious jungle lodge set amid a pristine 400-acre private nature reserve, a classic Caribbean island resort in the shelter of the world’s second largest barrier reef, to a spa resort featuring a collection of beautiful seaside beach houses and villas on a tranquil sandy peninsula, UHB resorts present a rare opportunity to travel and discover the best of Belize while being assured of the highest standards in hospitality.

Whether your interests lie in exploring nature, new cultures, birding, fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, Maya temple exploration… in short, anything from Indiana Jones to Jacques Cousteau to exquisite pampering, you’ll find what you’re looking for at a Unique Hotels of Belize member resort.

And, with a shared commitment towards sustainable tourism and responsible travel, our guests can be assured that their stays actually contribute to Belize’s stunning natural environment and vibrant, multicultural communities.

Whatever your reason for travelling – one of a kind vacations, romantic getaways, relaxation and fine dining, exploring ancient Maya temples and culture, or simply enjoying quality time in a beautiful natural environment, selecting a UHB member resort guarantees that you’ll enjoy the very best Belize has to offer.

Unique Hotels of Belize – extraordinary, exclusive, and offering the very best in Belizean hospitality.

Read Reviews Written by Our Guests:

Chaa Creek is pure magic. After being in the louder areas of Belize, I was immediately set at ease upon arrival to this wonderful preserved part of the jungle. Loved hearing the birds and monkeys and all the other wildlife.

Satisfied Guest

As beautiful as the resort itself is, it is the staff at Naia that made this vacation exceptional. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a more professional, caring and friendly group at a resort.

Satisfied Guest

We stayed at Victoria House last week. Accommodations were great. Staff was perfect. Angie overheard that it was my wife’s birthday the next morning the staff delivered a slice of birthday cake to our room. Perfect.

Satisfied Guest