Victoria House Accommodations

Victoria House

Victoria House’s beautifully appointed casitas, Plantation Rooms, suites and private villas offer guests a choice of forty-two rooms – each with its own distinctive character, but all sharing a lovely seaside ambience. Perched amid sandy stretches, colourful gardens, manicured lawns and waving palms within sight of the Belize Great Barrier Reef and crystal clear Caribbean waters, our accommodations do justice to one of the world’s most magnificent travel destinations.

And with the addition of three new luxury villas, four Infinity Suites and a new infinity pool, Victoria House has set a new standard for luxurious island luxury.


Sharing stunning Caribbean views, exquisitely appointed interiors and attentive service, our accommodations ensure a pleasant stay and restful sleep.


Plantation Rooms



Infinity Suites
(one bedroom)

Plantation Suites

Tower Suite

Infinity Suites
(two bedroom)

Rainforest Suite


Casa Azul

Casa Play Blanca

Casa del Sol

Luxury Villas